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A Buyer’s Guide for Beginner Sewing Machines

Are you still having confusion in finding the answer to the question Which Is The Best Sewing Machine For Home Use To Buy? Calm down, my dear sewists, read this buyer’s guide and find out how can we help you answer all the most important questions to clarify your sewing machine choice.

A sewing machine for a beginner

What is your budget?

In deciding to purchase something, price is always a good start to go for. No matter how fancy you want for your sewing machine, your budget will decide is it possible to look for or not. The price of a sewing machine goes varied in the market with so many choices, ranging from less than 100 bucks to a thousand dollars for a model. Thus, you need to decide which range is for you, based on your abilities and your future sewing plans.

If you are a beginner who learns to sew for the first time, a basic model with moderate features under $200 is enough. If you want to upgrade your skills by the time, invest a little more on a good quality model. If you are advanced sewer with a limited budget, according to our research, a wise choice of the second-hand machine is better.

Which size of the motor do you need?

In fact, this decision is based on what kind of project you gonna do with the machine. The heavier motor results in a stronger machine which is able to handle heavy-duty materials but obviously cost a fortune for a really good one. Only choose a big motor if you plan to frequent sew with thick fabrics.

Want to find a powerful, sturdy sewing machine to sew thick fabrics? Check our heavy duty sewing machine reviews to find the right heavy duty sewing machine within your budget.

What features do you wish for your machine?

The features can be named as presser's feet, a buttonhole foot, zipper foot, and hem foot. It is important to decide what kind of project the machine can support. For example, the set mentioned above is the best suited for making clothes. On the other hand, if you love quilting, let’s think about some features like walking foot or a freehand foot. Ask yourselves to see what kind of sewing project you want to make, and you will have a list of needed features coming along with.

Which one is better: Brand or No Brand?

Brand associates to the life of its product line and relatively affect your sewing experience. Sometimes, the brand doesn’t decide the quality of the product, but most of the time, it is affected. Therefore, our suggestion is going for high-reputed brands like Brother, Singer, and Janome. At least, those brands can guarantee you a good after sale service and profitable warranty policy. In case you have a list of options and wonder which sewing machine is suitable, you can choose to buy by their brand reputation.

Brand or No Brand sewing machine

Our question list is ending here. Spare yourselves a couple of minutes to answer these four questions, it won’t take a long time and difficult to answer but enough solve the question of what is a good sewing machine for beginners. For more sewing machine reviews, visit our website to learn more.


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